Protect Your Hair with Keratin Complex Vitalshot

At Fresh Hair Studio in Philadelphia, almost every color client gets a Keratin Complex Vitalshot to protect hair and intensify vibrancy. Co-owner Deb Gavin uses it to protect blondes and fragile hair while lightening, but it’s also an instant keratin booster that repairs the bonds of the hair.

Vital Statistics
What is it? A concentrated dose of keratin

What does it do? Strengthens bonds and increases vibrancy while coloring

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How does it work? Multi-patented triple-layer repair technology strengthens hair from the inside out. 
Step 1 Layer one opens the cuticle to allow for the delivery of keratin protein without high pH, so it’s gentler on the hair. 
Step 2 In layer two, keratin molecules fill in the gaps where keratin has been depleted, allowing disulfide bonds to link and strengthen the cell membrane complex.
Step 3 Layer three closes the cuticle to lock in keratin molecules, increasing hair’s strength and creating a smooth, radiantly shiny finish.

What’s different about this product? It does not interfere with the lightener and leaves no permanent coating on the hair, which can eventually cause the hair to dry out and crack, leaving scars on the cuticle. The result: greater color vibrancy, reduced frizz and less breakage.