Social Beauty: Nina Kovner Discusses Social Media and Hair Trends

We asked Nina Kovner (@passionsquared), founder of Passion Squared, a company that helps support creative small businesses, to weigh in on the power of social media to launch hair color trends. “Our world has shifted,” says Kovner. “We are all content creators now, and it’s a very exciting time.” Kovner recommends following your client’s lead when they bring in photos or visuals of color trends. “Clients respond to visuals the same way we as beauty professionals do,” she says. The bottom line: keep up with Instagram and Pinterest posts that highlight interesting or new hair color trends. Here’s her advice: 

Q: What to avoid?
A: I can tell you what not to avoid: Jumping in. When capturing your color work, make sure to have great lighting (I love Stellar and Neewar) and be sure to use a blank, lighter shade background to make your color pop. Take at least 20 pictures to get the money shot. 

Q: How can you tell if someone is good? 
A: If their work speaks to your heart. If you are inspired. If they have social proof—consistency in their work, consistent posting, good engagement such as likes, comments, regrams, and shares.