Step-by-Step: Balayage Highlights

One of the most popular requests colorist Bianca Hillier gets at Sally Hershberger LA is to replicate the multi-dimensional color she does for blogger Rocky Barnes. Numerous highlights to alter the natural base with brighter muted contrast can work with just about anyone, but Hillier says that tones and placement require customization for each client. Below, Hillier shares her secrets for Rocky’s signature look.

@subhed: Rocky’s Color Formula

1. I balayage with Redken Flash Lift using a Framar International Balayage brush and long heavyweight foils to lift her to a pale color about three times a year.

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2. I trace where her haircut falls to create ribboning depth and contrast. I love balayaging in a foil to create a denser ribboning highlight as opposed to something so sheer.

3. I always gloss after a highlight, and I use L’Oréal Professional Dia-Light Blues to cancel any unwanted warmth.

4. In-between lifting appointments, I use DIA Light Blues as well as a Redken gloss on top for sheer shine and a layer of anti-fade.

5. I use Olaplex in all my lightener and gloss. For extra insurance on the integrity of the hair, I also use Olaplex and water as a treatment. 

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