In Studio: Beth Minardi Shares Tips for Duplicating Taylor Swift's Haircolor

Taylor Made

The incomparable Beth Minardi shared her formula for duplicating Taylor Swift’s haircolor at IBS New York this March. The key to achieving this shade of blonde, says Minardi, is to deepen or correct the “ugly, school bus-yellow single-process situation.” First, after establishing a blonde level, follow by glazing with a very light beige-blonde mixed with a sheer golden and a mid-level tan-gold. “All of these counteract the ‘too dark’ or ‘too drab’ blonde we wish to avoid,” says Minardi, whose show-stopping celebrity blonde glaze is her secret weapon. The recipe: Mix 1-ounce Beth Minardi Signature Liquid Demi Color 10BB plus

1-ounce 10g plus ½-ounce 8WG. Mix with equal parts of Beth Minardi 5-volume Developer. Now apply this formula starting at the scalp and evenly through to the mid-lengths. After seven minutes, start in the nape and apply the glazing formula throughout the hair through to the tips. After five to seven minutes of additional processing, rinse, shampoo and condition the hair. —M.D.

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