Top Root Touch-Up Products

Root touch-up products can help your clients maintain that fresh out-of-the-salon look by extending the life of their color between visits. They can give clients options when in an emergency or when regrowth is out of control. “Plus, they can add dollars to your bottom line through retail sales,” says JB Shelton, Bosley Professional Strength specialist. While temporary concealers come in both dry and wet formulations, experts agree that powders adhere to the hair better than wet mascara-style products. “A wet application can look crunchy on the hair and may  not provide full coverage,” says Shelton. Demonstrate to your clients how to pat a thin layer of powder along the roots until fully covered. Explain that they can be applied to already styled hair, but before hairspray or setting spray, and will last until the next shampoo. And, when choosing a shade for clients, it’s best to match up the base color. “For camouflaging gray we suggest choosing a shade that is darker than the natural hair color,” says Grace Nowitsky, Rusk director of education operations. While there are plenty of temporary concealers on the market, here are our top picks for your salon.

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