Transformation Tuesday: Faded Blue to Neon Dream

Jess Nordstrom with faded, grown-out, blue color (right); Nordstrom, feeling like her true self with a stunning neon green, yellow and blue fantasy (left).

In this Transformation Tuesday, Lindsey Livingston, (@linzlivingston) Alfaparf Milano Educator, gets a guest with Technicolor dreams. Jess Nordstrom, Livingston’s client, originally had a deep blue shade that grew out and faded, making Nordstrom crave something bold, vibrant and neon. Livingston used powerful Alfaparf Milano products to create the fantasy look, especially featuring rEvolution Ultra Crazy Colors.  

The Client: 

“Whenever Jess is ready to do her hair, I know it's going to be something extraordinary,” says Livingston. “She’s done vibrant colors with me before, but this time she expressed the desire for neon shades–which is totally her personality.” 

The Goal: 

The main goal was a complete color change, while also keeping Jess's hair in good condition. Prior to bleach, high lift and direct dye, there were two and half inches of outgrowth. A gentle and precisely planned approach helped Livingston reach her client’s neon goals.

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The Cut: 

“For the cut, we really just needed light maintenance and shaping. Basically we freshened up the disconnected pixie,” says Livingston. “For this appointment we were all about color transformation, makeup photography and styling.” 

The Color:

Placement was everything when it came to making the colors clean and vibrant. “Working off of a center part, half of the base was crazy blue and the other shocking green. Flipping the base color to the ends of the opposite section helped create a checkerboard effect. We left out the very front, one-inch section of hair, and applied an atomic yellow, making sure to give the color a pop,” says Livingston. “And, underneath the horseshoe parting I applied a blue black for a strong background.” 

Formula Phase 1: In horseshoe section apply Supermeches FAST Bleaching Cream with bond rebuilder and 10vol. Apply to ends only, where previous blue was originally. Process for 20 minutes. Mix a new bleach formula using Supermeches Non Ammonia and 20 vol. applying to the base. Cover the horseshoe section with plastic. Apply Colorwear 1.11 blue black with 5 vol activator to the underneath section. Process 20 minutes. Shampoo carefully because you’re rinsing blue black and level 10 blonde. Then blow dry completely.

Formula Phase 2

Base: Split the horseshoe section down the center. Apply rEvolution Crazy Blue to the base of one half and Shocking Green to the opposite half.

Ends: Use a checkerboard application technique by flipping the base color of the opposite section to the ends. 

Fringe: For the one-inch section left out, atomic yellow, framing the face. 

Process 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water and then seal the color in using Scalp and Fiber Restorer. Let sit five minutes, then rinse.

The Style: 

Livingston applied Semi Di Lino All in One Extraordinary Fluid, Semi Di Lino Iluminating Strong Mousse and then blow-dried the hair. She also used Semi Di Lino Illuminating Thermal Protector Spray and Iron Style in random sections, creating texture and visual interest. 

The Reaction: 

As soon as Nordstrom got a look at her hair in the mirror she screamed, "Lindsey you killed it; I’m so in love!" Which was music to Livingston’s ears. “When my guests are in love with their hair, my mission has been accomplished. We both couldn't wait until the after photo shoot. We captured some awestruck images.”

Hair: Lindsey Livingston @linzlivingston

Model: Jess Nordstrom

Photography: Jess Gannaway @harlotofhair

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