Trend Alert: Johnny Ramirez and Lived-In Color

Celebrity colorist Johnny Ramirez is co-owner of Ramirez Tran Salon in Los Angeles. His claim to fame: He was one of the first hairdressers to have a blog and post his work. His specialty was something he calls Lived in Color—hair color so natural that it mimics the way a child’s hair looks after a day at the beach. Today, Ramirez has taken to Facebook and Instagram to promote the service he calls timeless, and he’s generating a lot of buzz.

Johnny Ramirez claims his color technique is not a trend like ombré or opal because it’s a timeless, natural look. “As a colorist, I’m still very passionate and obsessed with creating hair color transformations,” says Ramirez, whose clients love what he does because, as the name implies, “lived in color” is a look they can live with for about six to eight months without too much upkeep. A thorough consultation is key, says Ramirez, whose staff goes through a rigorous training period since this technique can take months or even years to perfect. 

Ramirez also religiously documents any hair color he does that epitomizes this technique, taking to social media to promote his work. He might use Instagram (@johnnyramirez1) to post before’s and after’s, videos and branded Lived in Color model shots. His dedication has garnered a large online following of more than 100,000 followers.