Karine Jackson Steps Into Holiday Mode and Steals the Show

Photography: Andrew O’ Toole

Late autumn may be slipping away, providing fewer hours of sunlight every day, but Karine Jackson’s exclusive collection, Apricity, makes the most of the light remaining, to maximum effect. “Apricity—my new favorite word that’s no longer used—means ‘warmth of sun in winter,’” says Jackson, an Organic Colour Systems expert, who also owns a namesake hair and beauty salon in London’s West End and serves as president for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing. “The collection embodies the term, featuring shades that range from mustard yellows and rich reds to ice blues and warm brown hues that pop like a gentle warm winter’s sun through cool air,” she says. “The other part of what makes the images so alluring is that the styles mirror the freedom of a winter wind blowing through the hair.”

Karine Jackson created a hue that’s reminiscent of “a winter’s blood moon,” she says, by prelightening the model’s hair before applying formulas created with Organic Colour Systems 6CR, 6GD and Extra Bright Yellow.

To create this dusk-inspired color, Jackson used five pumps of Organic Colour Systems Blue No Limits, applying the formula to the entire head.

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For this pre-dawn inspired color, Jackson used Organic Colour Systems Extra Bright Orange before applying Naturlite Lightening Powder with a floodlight technique. After processing, she rinsed off the color before massaging Global Colour over the flood-lit area.

Jackson fashioned this mustard-inspired color by mixing 20 pumps of Organic Colour Systems Golden Blonde and two pumps of Yellow. She then applied the formula to two medium triangle sections that she created above the ears. 

To add warmth to the model’s winter-inspired color, Jackson called on Organic Colour Systems 4GD Extra Bright Orange.

Jackson sectioned the hair, then used Organic Colour Systems 9GD,  Extra Bright Orange and 8GD to create the sunrise-inspired hues in the model’s hair. 

Photographer: Andrew O’ Toole   

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