Get the Look: Headband Style

Hair accessories are one of the key trends this year, so create this headband style with these simple steps from TONI&GUY’s international artistic director Cos Sakkas.

  1. Find the placement of the band. It needs to sit diagonally back forward through the top of the head, then angle back behind the ears.
  2. Take a section that is about 1.5-inches and secure.
  3. On either side of the band section, take a half-mm section and create a scalp braid, which will be the band’s outline.
  4. Inside the scalp braid, flatten and spray the hair and fit it in place with heat and hairspray to give it solidity and shine.
  5. It’s important to leave a bit of scalp visible on the scalp braids so it looks like the band is added rather than part of the hair.
  6. At the front, create a classic roll through the fringe and create a vertical roll through the back.


Photography: Jack Eames
Makeup: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Fashion Styling: Veronica Greenhill