How to Create '90s Bombshell Hair

(chris appleton)

Chris Appleton, celebrity hairstylist who tends the tresses of Kim Kardashian and the ilk, breaks down how to get '90s supermodel voluminous, bouncy hair using a few products and tools.

First, he preps wet hair with Color Wow Raise the Root and Dream Coat on the ends to smooth. Then he partially dries the hair with Leandro Limited carbon-infused round brush and carbon-infused blow-dryer (carbon helps with smoothing).

He splits the hair into four sections and clips them, blow-drying each section down with the round brush for smoothness. Once it's 90 percent dry, he wraps each section around the round brush and blasts with cool air. Then he wraps each section into a pin curl and lets set.

The trick to the va-va-voom volume: Velcro rollers. Beginning with the top front section, he rolls hair into large Velcro rollers, repeating in sections toward the back of the head and on the sides. He lets sections set for 10 to 15 minutes, then removes the rollers and brushes through with a boar bristle brush for "an explosion of bounce and glamor." Then, he lightly backcombs the front crown area for that '90s lift, and sprays the brush with a little hairspray to lift the sides away from the face—voila!


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