Step-by-Step: Fall Boho Bridal Braids

(Boho braids)

Fall brides who are looking for a boho or rustic vibe will adore this textured braid technique, created by Juanmy Medialdea. Here's how to achieve the style.

  1. Prepare the hair by texturing roots. Afterwards, mark roots and ends with tweezers, leaving the points slightly less marked. Brush the hair and apply a little shine spray.
  2. Separate the front and the sides and take the crown section and move it to the side. Make a ponytail with the hair from this section.
  3. Take the next section and we make a ponytail parallel to the previous one. Repeat in the next section to create a third ponytail.
  4. Split the first piece in two and lift the second, pass through the center, and join the two ends of the first and third pieces. Take a new section of the remaining hair and make a new ponytail, parallel to the previous ones.
  5. With the following ponytails, split the first ponytail in two and lift the second one, passing through the center and joining the ends of the first ponytail to the third. Repeat with remainder of hair.
  6. Open each braid to create fluffiness and an unstructured feel.


Photography: Jose Santo Palomo; Hair Assistant: Sergio Castillo; Makeup: Sergio Castillo; Styling: Juanmy Medialdea