Get the Formula: Julianne Hough's Buttery Blonde

Dancing with the Stars host Julianne Hough revealed a new buttery blonde bob courtesy of hairstylist Riawna Capri, who used R+Co’s new pro color line, R+Color, to achieve the soft blonde shade and R+Co Bleu products to style her blunt bob.

“We wanted a bright, bold change for the new year, and that we did!” says Capri, who reveals the decision to go for a significant chop had been brewing for months. “One day at Dancing with the Stars, it hit her — she was ready, I could feel it. We instantly started looking at the calendar to see when was best.”

Julianne Hough gets new blonde blunt bob

Get the Blonde: R+Color


  • 5vol Momentum Developer with Chairlift Powder Lightener around the nape & hairline.
  • 10vol Momentum Developer with Chairlift Powder Lightener in the middle of the head. 
  • Created 15vol with 10 & 20vol Momentum Developer with Chairlift Powder Lightener.


  • (1oz) Looking Glass Clear Stellar Demi-Permanent 
  • (1oz) 10.6/10V Lilac Stellar Demi-Permanent 
  • (.5oz) 10.0/10N Icicle 
  • (2.5oz) 5vol Momentum Developer

More than 300 foils with baby slices were expertly placed to create a soft, natural blonde from roots to ends.

The vibrant color transformation was achieved using Chairlift Powder Lightener from R+Color, beginning with 5 volume Momentum developer at the nape, gradually increasing to 15 volume and 20 volume as Capri moved toward the crown.

The final touch involved toning the blonde to a bright and buttery shade using R+Color’s Stellar Demi-Permanent Liquid 10.6/10V (Lilac) and 10.0/10N (Icicle).

Julianne Hough gets new blonde blunt bob

Get the Style: R+Co Bleu

Capri says, "Before we blow-dried, we first prepped her hair with the F-Layer Deep Conditioning Serum because she just got fresh color, so this cream is perfect because it has treatment properties in it.

"After blow-drying that in, and smoothing her hair with a flat iron, we used a lot of Optical Illusion Smoothing Oil throughout every section to make sure each hair was coated with shine.

"Lastly, we applied Elastic Styling Pomade to create a soft texture to keep her hair slightly piecey."