Get the Look: “Reverse Smokey Ombre” by PRAVANA

PRAVANA has launched the ChromaSilk Permanent Creme Hair Color Smokey Series to neutralize unwanted brassiness so color can fade on-tone. This new collection controls warmth when lifting natural hair and create smokey brown and blonde shades.

The ChromaSilk Smokey Series ($5.95 each) is available in four blended, blue-based smokey shades that work for balancing on higher and lower levels: Extra Light Smokey Ash Blonde, Light Smokey Beige Blonde, Dark Neutral Smokey Blonde, and Light Smokey Beige Brown.

We asked PRAVANA for the step-by-step by for the “Reverse Smokey Ombre” look it included with the product launch. Turns out, it was created by PRAVANA Regional Mentor & Educator, Melody Larissa (@ML_Methods) and she's kindly included the full "how to" here:

"I’m always trying to elevate my guest experience by creating new, fun, and unique formulas," Larissa told American Salon. "The new Smokey Series is a great addition to aid in creating those trend-setting looks. They are so versatile. I like to use them on their own as a neutral cool brunette or an iced-out blonde, but my favorite way to use them is to mix them with my other ChromaSilk formulas to add a bit of moodiness to the end result.”

Here's the How-to:

Lightening Formula: 

PRAVANA PURE LIGHT Blonding Creme with PRAVANA 20 Volume Creme Developer

30g PRAVANA ChromaSilk Creme Color 9.8 + 10g PRAVANA ChromaSilk Creme Color in Smokey Series shade 8.92 : 60g PRAVANA 10 Volume Creme Developer


15g PRAVANA ChromaSilk Creme Color in Smokey Series shade 5.92 + 15g PRAVANA ChromaSilk Creme Color in Smokey Series shade 6Nt9 + 10g PRAVANA ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color 6.34 : 10 Volume Creme Developer

Utilizing a Platinum Card technique, pre-lighten the hair to a level 9-10. (Check every 5-10 minutes until proper level is reached.)
Shampoo with Intense Therapy, apply Silk Degrees Prep & Treat for 5 minutes, rinse, and dry completely.
Spray the hair with Purify & Revive PRIME spray.
Section hair into a standard quad sectioning leaving out the hairline halo.
Starting in the back two zones, take a diagonal back ½” slice. 
Apply your base formula to the first 3-4” (depending on hair length) and your end formula 1” lower. Utilizing your index and middle finger, blend the two formulas together in the transition area.
Next take a diagonal back ½” micro slice and repeat the step above but this time only bring the base formula down 2”. This will help the look blend more seamlessly.
Alternate slices and micro-stitches until the back of the head is complete.
Moving to the front two zones, repeat this same process, but over direct each slice or micro-stitch forward for a smoother blend.
Finally, for the halo apply the base formula from base to ends.
Process for 30 minutes, utilize the Color Protect Regimen.
Style as desired. 

PRAVANA_ChromaSilk Smokey Series