How To: Bouncy Blowout

“A good blowout starts with good products!” That's pro tip #1 from Redken artist Twylla Jane, a Sam Villa Ambassador and owner of Lumox Nox Salon. 

The following is her technique to achieve a bouncy blowout using four styling products and two different-sized thermal round brushes to achieve maximum lift and curl. 

Before starting, remember:

  • The idea is to create lift at the root, shine on the mid, and curve at the ends.
  • Increasing elevation at the crown and changing the brush size builds volume all around the head and tighter curls around the face. 
  • Stepping around the client and asking them to tilt their head reduces fatigue. (It’s less tiring to pull hair forward than to push it away.)
  • Using a very light yet powerful blow dryer like the Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer (>1 lb),  holding it by the barrel at times, helps keep elbows down and wrists straight to avoid strain.
Bouncy blowout by Sam Villa Ambassador Twylla Jane


Bouncy Blowout:

  1. Apply Redken Root Lifter in 1” sections off scalp – it has a nice medium hold but can be layered for more control. Work through with a Sam Villa Signature Series Paddle Brush to evenly distribute.
  2. Apply Redken Big Blow Out to mids and ends for heat protection and frizz control. 
  3. Use a blow dryer with the max airflow nozzle, which helps to dry thicker hair types faster, and the paddle brush to lift hair up and away from the scalp to just dry the root area to build volume.
  4. Starting in the nape, switch to a Sam Villa Signature Series Thermal Round Brush 2”. Using 2” sections, smooth and dry hair to create a flexible wave.
  5. Roll up each section and secure to cool. 
  6. Towards the crown, switch to a 1.5” thermal round brush (and smaller sections) and over-direct hair 45° for max volume. For the fringe area, roll hair half off base and under-direct 45° so it lays off base.
  7. Use hairspray to help cool off the set. @ork Redken All Soft Argan 6 Oil through hands to reduce frizz and add shine while raking though and positioning curls. 
  8. To finish, spray Redken Brushable Hairspray from underneath and the sides (never directly down the hair shaft), to promote bounce and volume.

Watch the full tutorial here


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