How-To: Quannah Chasinghorse's Waves and Braids at the Met Gala

To prep for 2023 Met Gala, Paul Mitchell artistic director Paula Peralta created beautiful waves and braids for Paul Mitchell global ambassador, activist and model Quannah Chasinghorse. Here is how Peralta achieved the look:

  1. Prep: Start with a strong foundation to maintain the style by applying Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam to clean, damp hair. 
  2. Create a deep side part and blow-dry using Paul Mitchell ProTools Express Ion+ Hair Dryer and Paul Mitchell ProTools 427 Paddle Brush
  3. Create braid along the hairline by adding hair from the left side only and overdirecting hair toward the face with no elevation. 
  4. Create a second braid behind the first one, overdirecting forward and adding from the left side only. 
  5. On the other side of the parting, create a braid parallel to the parting, using the same technique, adding from only one side. 
  6. Apply Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press to all of the hair.
  7. Starting at the nape, wave all of the hair using the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Wave Press 
  8. Spray Extra Body Finishing Spray to all of the hair and let it cool completely for hold and humidity resistance.
  9. Emulsify a small amount of Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops in hands and run through waves, creating a soft, airy texture.