This Cult-Favorite Grooming Brand Just Launched Skincare


American Crew has long been a go-to brand for men’s haircare, and for 25 years, the brand’s founder David Raccuglia has worked to develop an extensive line of affordable products that get the job done. Now, eager to further evolve, American Crew is making a foray into men’s skincare with the launch of ACUMEN, and it may be their smartest move yet—according to a Forbes article on the rapidly growing market, “the male appetite for personal-care products has evolved beyond traditional grooming products, such as razors and deodorants, to anti-aging and even makeup.”

This evolution in men’s grooming has been a driving force throughout Raccuglia’s career. “I’ve seen so much growth in how men care for themselves, from the resurgence of barbershops to the many men’s grooming products on the market today,” he says. As a photographer and hairstylist, Raccuglia was constantly fielding questions about skincare from men. Their concerns ranged from things like the best way to take care of their skin, how early they should start and even what ingredients to look for. But, above all, most men shared a common wish: simplicity. “Men, including myself, are generally looking for products that can be easily incorporated into their lifestyle, whether it’s a product they can use in the shower or an eye gel that can elevate their look,” Raccuglia says. “I took these conversations to heart and it ultimately led to the idea for ACUMEN, an easily adaptable four-step regimen of Shower, Shave, Care and Style for the refined man.”

By definition, “acumen” is the ability to make good judgements. “Sharpness and the ability to make good judgements are both habits of a refined man,” Raccgulia says. “From the sophisticated packaging to the meticulously curated ingredients, the ACUMEN collection stays true to American Crew’s heritage and gives men everything they need to enter into a grooming regimen with confidence.”


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Looking forward, Raccuglia predicts that the men’s skincare industry will intersect with the booming grooming industry. “An interest in skincare is a natural progression of the success of the haircare industry,” Raccuglia says. “That’s because haircare and skincare bear quite a few resemblances, especially when it comes to men’s individual needs. When formulating grooming products for men, you have to consider specific hair issues and needs. Skincare is no different because men have oily, thick skin, large pores and facial hair, and the most effective skincare products use ingredients that specifically address those needs,” he says. “From their shaving routine to their styling choices, men are looking to portray their personal style, and with the boom in both industries, they are now able to find products that fit their needs.”