How-To Video: High Taper Cut


The taper fade has been a mainstay in men's cutting for years. Offering a masculine, yet clean look that's perfect for both professional and casual situations, it's one of the most iconic cuts for men and its versatility is virtually endless. 

Speaking to its versatility, there are a number of different types of fades, such as the mid, temp, skin or bald fade. While they are all unique in their own way, today we're sticking to the basics with a how-to video on the high taper cut.


  1. Wet the hair and separate the top with a comb at the natural part. 
  2. Create the first taper lines with BaBylissPRO LithiumFX673 Clipper.
  3. Create the second taper lines with the  BaBylissPRO LithiumFX673 Clipper. (1 guard)
  4. Create the first weight line around the head using the  BaBylissPRO LithiumFX673. (2 guard)
  5. Create the second weight line around the head using the  BaBylissPRO LithiumFX673. (3 guard)
  6. Use a comb to be sure all hair is being cut evenly.
  7. Blend the second taper lines by gradually opening the BaBylissPRO LithiumFX673.
  8. Blend first taper lines by gradually opening the BaBylissPRO LithiumFX673. 
  9. Edge around the ears and nape of the neck with the BaBylissPRO FX780 Cord/Cordless Trimmer.
  10. Touch up with scissor over comb blending, using the BaBylissPRO Professional Texturizing Shears. 
  11. Leaving slightly more length in the front, cut the top to the desired length using the BaBylissPRO Professional Straight Shears. 
  12. Blowdry the hair to set it in place with the BaBylissPRO Rapido Professional Ferrari Dryer. 


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