Jenny Balding Reveals Favorite Products for Male Clients

Redken For Men Consultant, Jenny Balding reveals her best methods for using waxes, pomades, pastes and Clays.

When it comes to men’s products, you’ve got to know which texture, which thickness and which finish works best for each desired effect, says Redken For Men Consultant, Jenny Balding. Here she unlocks her favorite tips for using every wax, pomade, paste or clay in your arsenal.

Using a pomade? Both oil-based and water-based pomades give a high-shine finish and a neat appearance. “But you need to start with a super small amount of product because pomades have a tendency to overload easily,” Balding advises. “And, if the hair is very short at the sides and back, you should avoid applying pomade there.”

Using a wax? “Try working the wax into the hair to add more texture,” says Balding. “Take small sections and slowly twist the product into the hair. Then gently shake it out with your fingers.” Waxes can also help build volume. Glide a tiny dab of wax onto the roots of the hair, and tousle the hair using a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment.

Using a paste or clay? Apply these thicker, gummier products to slightly damp hair for a better finish. “A paste can be hard to maneuver on dry hair—it can create an almost puffy texture,” says Balding. To make applying a paste easier, always warm up a pea-sized dollop between your palms. “I also love using a paste for taming flyways. Just coat your fingertips and gently smooth over strays along the part.”

Working with short hair? “It’s always best to start from the crown and work your way forward,” says Balding. “This way you’ll have even product distribution and a better end result.”