Beard Basics—How to Achieve Some of the Hottest Beard Looks

Man Up

One of the smartest ways barbers are bringing in new business is by accommodating the growing demand for beard services. “The beard has made a huge comeback,” says Danny Amorim, (@successaddict) GIBS Grooming Education Director, Andis Educator and Master Barber. “Years ago, when guys walked around with big, ungroomed beards, it wasn’t appealing or well received by the public. Now, with the help of great beard products, ‘beard sculpting’ has become a regular, sought-after service.” Here, we showcase some of the hottest beard looks with tips on how to achieve them.

The Handlebar Hipster 

Man Up Final Cut Noah Beard

Here’s a look that you’d easily see on the trendiest Brooklyn or Seattle street. It’s an Old World vibe, reclaimed as a modern street style. “I used the Andis Superliner Trimmer to outline the perimeter of the haircut with just the edge of the blade,” says Amorim. “I continued to the top of the cheek and created the upper beard line. Then I used the Andis ProAlloy Clipper to remove hair throughout the beard, while keeping the moustache out of the way to maintain the length.” And, giving the look its signature touch, he twirled pomade on the tips of the mustache, creating a handlebar shape.

The Distinguished Gentleman

Man Up Final Cut Gerald

Polished, tidy and dignified—the client with this beard has people to see and places to go, and he wants to look precisely groomed. To avoid a boxy shape, Amorim worked up into the temple, using just the corner of the blade. “I turned the trimmer upside down and glided down the cheek to define the upper beard line,” says Amorim. “Then I turned the blade sideways to line the outer and inner moustache. Afterwards, I anchored my other hand to hold the jaw in place, and used my mirror to check for balance.” 


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The Rugged Rocker 

Man Up

Think of these beard looks as a more refined version of ZZ Top or Rick Rubin. It’s still badass, but with a smooth touch. Referring to the picture above, Amorim says: “On the left we have GIBS Brand Ambassador Brandon. To give his beard manageability, I began with GIBS Grooming Man Wash BHB. The product’s copaiba balsam and tea tree oil keeps the hair clean and groomed. After washing a full beard like this, I recommend blow-drying and adding a conditioning treatment, like GIBS Grooming Con Man Beard & Hair Pudding, to keep it healthy and soft.” As for the gentleman on the right—a “South-Central GIBS Guy” named Chev—Amorim gave his extra thick beard added softness with GIBS Grooming Colorado Kid Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil. “The combination of oils helps strengthen fuller beards, while the passion fruit and copaiba balsam gives the hair a soft texture and great scent, making the beard ‘lady friendly’—a top client request.” 

The Natural Surfer

Man Up BAXTER of California

This beard combines functionality with a natural texture. It’s perfect for your “no frills” clients who love the outdoors. VerMeer (@whitneyVerMeer) and Tuyes (@ananda_tuyes) cleaned up their model’s beard by applying Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula to the cheeks and neck before shaving. Then, to style this mid-length beard, they combed through a dime-size dollop of Baxter of California Grooming Cream, which gave the beard a light hold with a natural-looking finish.

Photography: Courtesy of GIBS Grooming; Andis; Baxter of California