Man Up: Successful Women Barbers

In the professional beauty world there’s a different type of “glass ceiling.” It’s in the barbershop instead of the boardroom, and it works on the assumption that women can’t make good barbers simply because of their gender. But, you have to ask yourself, if female clients happily visit male hair stylists, why wouldn’t the reverse be true? These rock star women barbers broke the gender barrier, and they’ve never looked back. 

Kristi Faulkner (@kristiwahlclippers) Wahl Education & Artistic Team member

  • Her reason for becoming a barber… When I first got my license, I was on a military post. At the shop on the base, we did cosmetology and barbering. I was fascinated with how fast the shop owner could do a fade.
  • Her biggest hurdle… Being a white female with blonde hair and blue eyes, it can be a mental hurdle for clients of a different ethnic background. 
  • Her specialty… Different textures of hair. I always say in my classes, I don’t see color walking through the door, only dollar signs.
  • Her biggest accomplishment… Having an incredible family, and showing my children what you can achieve through hard work.
  • Her favorite tool… The Wahl 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip. It’s lightweight, has a long run time and a taper lever for easy fading. 
  • Her best advice to future women barbers… Get a professional education and take all the classes you can find.

Sofie Pok (@staygold31) BaBylissPRO Platform Artist Barber/Stylist

  • Her reason for becoming a barber… Out of high school I knew I needed a creative outlet, and most jobs wouldn’t take me because of my tattoos and hair color. I preferred barbershops to salons because of the fast pace and quick turnaround.
  • Her biggest hurdle… Being the only female at most shops, I’ve had to over come my insecurities. I used to dwell on the negative comments about being a female barber. Now, I use those comments to fuel my drive.
  • Her specialty… Attention to detail. Skin blending is something I’ve always found difficult. So I’ve worked hard to master that technique.
  • Her biggest accomplishment… Being able to share my passion through education as a platform artist.
  • Her favorite tool… The BaBylissPRO LithiumFX Clipper. It’s an all-around great clipper for any texture or style. And, with cordless power, I can freely walk around my clients. 
  • Her best advice to future women barbers… Just like anything else in life, you get what you give. Keep your goals in mind everyday. Always think of something to improve. And stay focused. 

 Lauren Milner (@laurenthebarber) Wahl Education & Artistic Team member

  • Her reason for becoming a barber… After several years focusing on women’s hair, I needed a change, because I wasn’t happy. I always enjoyed the opportunity to do men’s cuts. So I applied to a barbershop.
  • Her biggest hurdle… Constantly answering the question “can you cut?” Or, the assumption that just because you’re an attractive woman, that’s the only reason why you’re successful. At the end of the day, my skills speak for themselves.
  • Her specialty… A classic, tapered gentlemen’s haircut. I figured out quickly the kind of clients that were willing to spend money and buy retail products and spa-style services.
  • Her biggest accomplishment… Building a dream team of talented, driven, successful female barbers at my shop.
  • Her favorite tool… The Wahl 5 Star Legend Clipper. The crunch blade and throw back lever makes fading so much easier. 
  • Her best advice to future women barbers… Always sell your skills, not your sex appeal. There will be men who won’t come to you because you’re a woman. And there will be men who come to you specifically because you’re a woman. Don’t get hung up on either.