Men's How-To: Four Highly-Requested Styles

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A man’s hairstyle instantly says something about his personality. Is he carefree or polished? Does he like cutting-edge trends or classic styles? Here, we asked some of today’s top stylists what their primary techniques were for these often-requested men’s looks. Master their tricks and let each client’s personality shine through.


The Hipster
Certain men just want to be noticed. They want their hair to have an attitude, and they’re plugged into fashion. “Clients like these take inspiration from the past—say, the ‘90s grunge era—and they make it their own,” says Jarrod Aldama, label.m Educator. What’s essential for this look? “A high skin fade that’s in sharp contrast to the top.” Create the look: Prep the hair with Grooming Cream. Apply it with your hands, then distribute the cream evenly with a comb. Use a tourmaline dryer to blow-dry the hair and bring out the natural shine. Complete the look with Deconstructor for a matte texture and disheveled finish.
The Rocker
Rockstars have big personalities. And they generally have big, statement hair. “This rocker look is all about height and volume with a totally masculine vibe,” says Matthew Morris, Baxter of California stylist. “When you’re cutting the hair, use an offset, horseshoe parting. By dropping slightly below the crown, you preserve length on the top for added height in styling.” Create the look: When the hair is already dry, blow-dry in a light-hold cream pomade, such as Baxter of California Cream Pomade. Use your fingers to style and volumize the hair with a two-to-one mixture of Baxter of California Hard Cream Pomade and Baxter of California Soft Water Pomade.
The Surfer
Men requesting this look want a natural, no-fuss appearance. “These guys are carefree and outdoorsy, but they still want a cool style,” says Angelina Panelli, Paul Mitchell Stylist. The key to the look? “Roughing up the hair with a sea spray that has a natural hold, like Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Sea Spray.” Create the look: After towel drying the hair, warm up two pumps of a cream gel, like Paul Mitchell Fast Form, between your palms. Apply the gel with a scrunching motion. Afterwards, finish the look with an all-over misting of sea spray.
The Dapper Don
This look is all about a clean, sleek, polished style. “It’s perfect for clients that want to step into a boardroom or strut down the sidewalk like it’s a runway,” says Lindsey Misale, Fuel Director of Education. “The key is using a high-shine, easy-holding pomade, like Fuel Air-Pump Pomade.” Create the look: Use a point-and-cut technique on the top section to add a blended texture. Then, finishing off the look, use a shear-over-comb technique, and a side part styled with the pomade.


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