How-To: Men's Classic Style

Remember when barbershops were practically a sacred space for men—the requisite jar of Barbicide on the counter, a stack of Playboys in the magazine rack? It went without saying that the barber was always a man. Today men’s grooming is undergoing a major paradigm shift as more and more women invade this sacred space. We talked to a couple of female barbers about what it’s like to be a trailblazer.

Sara Leahy is a stylist at B Parlor in San Francisco and was the 2015-2016 American Crew U.S. All-Star Challenge Winner. The All-Star Challenge, one of the most widely recognized professional grooming competitions, celebrates stylists from around the world. Leahy’s look was inspired by the classic American Crew man and the need for his hairstyle to fit all of his personalities from professional to casual. 

How to Get Her Winning Look:


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  1. Section out a horseshoe from recession to recession
  2. Below the horseshoe section start on the side, taking diagonal back sub-sections traveling all the way around to the center back. Graduate at a 45-degree angle
  3. Repeat on opposite side 
  4. Release top section and section on the natural parting and again, graduate diagonal back sections. Create a slight disconnection from the sides
  5. Pull section straight up at a 90-degree angle and flat layer
  6. To style, apply American Crew Boost Cream from roots to ends and blow dry into desired shape
  7. Apply American Crew Molding Clay to support and define the shape
  8. Lightly mist American Crew Alternator Spray to finish and hold the style