Tips & Tricks: Add-On Grooming Services

It isn’t just women that like to be pampered at the salon. Men also enjoy extra-special touches at the barbershop. We talked T.J. DeMarco, Aveda Men’s Education Team Member and head barber at Franco’s Barber Shop at Rizzieri Salon in Moorestown, NJ. Here he highlights the add-on services that make male clients come back for more.

Q What add-on treatment would you say men are requesting the most? Why is this treatment so popular?

A We’re seeing a big increase in straight razor shave requests. When a client treats himself to a straight razor shave service, a regular soap and water shave won’t cut it anymore. It’s because we’re taking something that’s normally a chore, and turning it into a luxury experience. Straight razor shaving is a lost art that we’re bringing back. During our 45-minute service I use three hot towels, followed by two ice-cold towels and two full passes on the face for the ultimate shave experience. 

Q How has the straight razor shave evolved?

A One of the biggest ways the straight razor shave has evolved is that we treat the skin before the service. With the evolution of men’s skincare products, barbers can address specific skin concerns for optimal shave results. Before a shave service, I treat the skin with Aveda Botanical Kinetics products that suit the client’s skin type. Another huge difference is the tools we use. For health and sanitation reasons, we no longer use a solid metal straight razor. Instead I use an injectable blade razor, which lets you use a fresh blade on each side of the face, creating a supersmooth shave all around.

Q What techniques do you use for facial grooming?

A Grooming facial hair can be tricky. There are a million ways to mess it up. When consulting with your guests, keep in mind the length, the shape and the lines—be it sharp or natural. Try to get an idea of what look fits your client’s lifestyle. Use visual aids if necessary. I keep a Pinterest board of facial hair looks to show unsure guests. I also use an old barber trick from my uncle, who has been a barber for over 50 years. After you lather up the face, use the tang of the razor to draw a line into the lather, creating the desired shape and a guideline. 

Q Are their any interesting “special extras” that guys particularly love?

A Guys love samples. If you demonstrate how they work, you’ll always get them excited. Also, a detailed consultation, paying particular attention to their scalp, makes men happy. We use a special camera to get a close up image of the scalp. As barbers we need to pay attention to a man’s scalp. If your guest comes in and he has a dandruff problem, it’s your job to address it. If you see parts of the scalp opening up because of thinning hair, it’s great to be able to offer your guests a solution.