Just For Men Launches 1-Day Beard & Brow Color

Beard and haircare brand Just For Men has introduced a new product, Just For Men 1-Day Beard and Brow Color. This first of its kind temporary grooming tool easily and instantly eliminates grays and fills patchy areas with just a few swipes to achieve a fuller, defined look. Once you’re done for the day, it can be easily washed off. To make it even better, it can be used on the eyebrows, too.

There are five different shades ranging from Black to Light Brown. The 1-Day Beard & Brow Color launched on February 15 at most major retailers and justformen.com

The product is dye-free and hypoallergenic, with a clean touch formula that sets in minutes. It instantly eliminates grays and fills in thin patchy areas, defining the beard and/or brows with natural-looking, temporary color that lasts all day until washed out.

Whether one targets specific areas or use on the entire beard and/or on brows—it’s completely up to the person using it. The product is also convenient to use, so one can quickly touch up anywhere. A few light swipes will seamlessly achieve a well-defined style.