Essie Launches Digital Try-On Tool


This article first appeared on our sister site American Spa.

Essie recently launched Essie On-Hand to allow users to discover Essie nail polishes using nail try-on services with precise AR application without having to download an app. The tool is launching with Essie’s gel couture collection, offering 75 long-lasting, high-quality shades to try on. Here's how it works:

  • Users are prompted to choose from the below try-on options: live camera; upload a photo; use the readily available model hands and select a skintone filter and nail shape.
  • Shop gel couture nail polish shades by color or collection and watch nail polish appear seamlessly on user’s (or model’s) hand.
  • Users then add the item to their cart and will direct them to a select retailer to check out and purchase.

Essie On-Hand is available at for use on mobile and desktop.