The NAHA 2020 Haircolor Winner Is Chrystofer Benson

(Courtesy PBA)

Chrystofer Benson nabbed a NAHA for Haircolor this year, presented to him by Lucie Doughty (who won an award for Editorial/Session Stylist of the Year). "Kobe Bryant is one of my favorite people, so when he won his fifth one—five. Five color trophies, man," the Matrix Artistic Director said. "You do this every year because you want to be better, you want to push yourself. For me, the team that makes me want to be better every single day is my CBC team, my Matrix team."

"You set out to do something different. Sometimes people look at me and go, what the hell are you doing Benson? You know what I say? F*** em...People doubt you, and sometimes you just have to say, tonight is the night I'm going to do me. And I just thank you all for giving me this moment to let me be accepted into this industry, to do it the right way, to care enough about this industry to make it better than the way we found it. You guys are amazing."

Here is Benson's NAHA-winning entry: