Nail Art Is Having a Moment in the Post-COVID World

Nail salons may have been one of the most affected businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the day-to-day job of a manicurist requires close contact and physical touch, nail salons saw a drastic drop in business even after they were able to reopen their doors.

Now, according to an article on Business of Fashion, the nail category is en route to revival—in a whole new way. Thanks to social media—TikTok in particular—plain-Jane manicures are a thing of the past, and nail art is trending among the masses. In fact, according to BOF, the nail art hashtag on TikTok has generated 15.7 billion views. Naturally, brands like Flowerbed Nails, Chillhouse and Static Nails saw this surge in popularity as an opportunity to either introduce or continue pushing at-home nail art kits. 

But, fear not manicurists—clients are still heading to the salon for more intricate nail art and pampering. Instagram accounts like @peachinails, @naileditbeauty and @nailchark are constantly sharing nail art inspiration on their feeds, further proving that the luxury of a professional manicure is still very much appreciated.