Nailed Down: Holiday Hues

The holidays are here, which means lots of parties and requests from clients who want to do something more glamorous with their nails. “The classic colors of the holiday season are always in style, but it’s time to get expressive with unique shades that have a hint of glimmer and sophistication,” says Gino Trunzo, Director of Education for Essie. “Try shades that will set you apart, like bronzed mahogany, garnet red, metallic gold, peacock blue, dove gray, and peach frost.” These six colors are from the Essie Winter 2016 Collection, which features multifaceted frosts, rich crèmes, and shiny shimmers inspired by London in the 1960s. “The warm shimmer tones represent the vibrant youth movement of this time,” says Trunzo. “And the color red embodies the iconic London architecture.” Glitters and shimmers add spice to manicures, while fun, flirty designs show some personality and holiday cheer. According to Trunzo, the top nail shapes for the season will be rounded, oval, squoval (squared oval) and long almond. “Nail shapes commonly seen on the street that are inspired by the runway are a combination of rounded and squoval, adding length while keeping things less angular,” says Trunzo. “Short, rounded nails are actually more in line with the designer trends.”