Creativity Flows Through These 4 Nail Salons

Get inspired by the creative services and treatments these nail salons offer on their menus.

Nail Art by Valley Nails | New York, NY

Valley’s three locations are located in Manhattan’s Nolita, Chelsea and Upper East Side.

Valley has made a name for itself as one of New York City’s first ethical nail salons specializing in custom nail art on both manicures and pedicures. “We’re known for free-hand designs and creative use of various appliqués and techniques,” says Valley Co-Founder Nina Werman. “Depending on the custom design that customers request, we schedule in increments of 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes. Clients are encouraged to source inspiration for their design prior to their appointment by referencing our Instagram page or any other artistic forum.”

Gelish PolyGel by Kingwood Nails & Spa | Orlando, FL

With the introduction of PolyGel, Gelish has made an entirely new category that combines the best qualities of acrylic and hard gels that’s safer for nail techs and clients alike. “PolyGel doesn’t have a harmful odor and is formulated to have a heavier particle so there’s zero airborne dust when filing,” says Bryan Vu, Gelish and Morgan Taylor Lead Educator and salon owner. “And there are no mixing ratios so you get perfect consistency without marbling every single time, even if you have to add more. There’s virtually no product waste and it makes nail extension services in the salon a lot faster without sacrificing accuracy.”

Splittsville by Van Court Studio | New York, NY

All of Van Court’s lacquers are 5-, 7- or 9-free.

At natural and healthy nail salon Van Court on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, waterless manicures are the name of the game, which owner Ruth Kallens says extends a mani’s life. “When nails soak in water, the nail plate absorbs the water,” she explains. “The polish or gel applied prior to thorough drying can lead to premature chipping.” Featuring this is the Splittsville, a strengthening and fortifying treatment that heals thin and peeling nails, getting them back on a healthy track.

The Emma by Olive & June | Santa Monica, CA

The Santa Monica salon, one of three Olive & June locations.

With three California locations in Beverly Hills, Pasadena and Santa Monica, Olive & June was founded on the idea that getting a mani and pedi should be a lovely experience. So it should come as no surprise that they offer a uniquely luxe pedicure tailored to an expectant mother’s needs. Known as the Emma, the all-natural, pregnancy-safe and extra friendly service offers a mom-to-be’s tired feet the pampering it craves.