Nailed Down: Tools of the Trade

High-quality nail tools play an important role in creating long-lasting manicures and pedicures, and they help maintain the nail’s integrity and appearance—which is why you want to have the right ones in your kit. April Foreman, a celebrity nail technician for OPI, loves her portable electric file for its many different uses. In addition to smoothing out calluses and cuticles, it helps remove the top layer of gel polish, and it buffs nails. Another favorite are the OPI AccuNip Plus Cuticle Nippers because of the finger grooves that make them ergonomic for optimum comfort. “The OPI Disinfectable Foot File with Disposable Grit Strips is an essential part of my pedicure service,” says Foreman. “Using a new abrasive with every client ensures maximum exfoliation, and a disposable strip keeps the service sanitary.” 

Gino Trunzo, Director of Education for Essie, is a big fan of tools that are made of high-quality cobalt stainless steel alloys because they can withstand tremendous amounts of sanitizing  under extremely high temperatures and moisture. His daily tool kit includes a cobalt stainless steel scoop, which he uses to safely and quickly clean under the free edge of nails and toenails, as well as a high-quality cuticle nipper with box joint, which helps to minimally trim away lifted, torn cuticles. What’s the one item he can’t live without? “My double-sided flat pusher,” says Trunzo. “It’s contoured to the shape of the nail and I require my team to use it for safe, precise cuticle exfoliation."