Sally Hansen Debuts Nail Art Decals

Peel-and-stick manicure art hits mass-market, grocery, pharmacy, e-commerce, and other retailers en masse this January as nail-industry giant Sally Hansen releases its first collection of decorative nail decals.

The collection includes six designs that can be mixed and matched, and include pearls, rhinestones, flowers, and galaxy shapes. The themes are "Bubbly & Pearls," "Celestial Eclipse," "Wild Side," "Princess Cut," "Glam Geometric," and "Sweet LIfe.

How to Use:

  1. Apply over dried polish or bare, clean nails.
  2. Bend the sheet and using a tweezer, lift selected design off the clear backing and place on nail where desired.
  3. Gently and evenly press down on all sides.

Pro Tip: Do not expose hands to water for an hour after application.