Tool Kit: The Latest Must-Haves in Nail Tools

Keep your clients’ tips in tip-top shape with the latest and greatest must-haves in nail tools. 

Essie Treat Love & Color is a new one-step care and color nail polish. This line of polish helps to repair dry, brittle nails in just one week with active ingredients that penetrate the nail. Plus, it features optically brightening pigments, and a technology that uses micro-fine layering to create subtle luminous effects, hiding dullness and imperfections. Treat Love & Color is formulated to create a film on nails that allows oxygen to pass through to the nail, creating a breathable yet protective coating. It should be applied directly on the nail without a base coat. In fact, if you use a base coat underneath, it won’t be in contact with the nail in order to provide optimal benefits.”
—Gino Trunzo, AVP of Education, Essie Professional

“Stamping plates are a must-have for quick and beautiful nail art designs. Inspect the quality of the plate making sure edges of all the designs are clean and without any snags. Also, using a clear stamper is very helpful in the placement of a design, allowing the tech to see where the design will be on the nail before applying it. Morgan Taylor’s three themed stamping kits have clear stampers and offer a bountiful selection of nail designs that are easy to achieve in minimal time.”
—Danielle Candido, Morgan Taylor Lacquer and Gelish Lead Educator

“One of the most important tools a nail pro depends on is their nail enhancement sculpting brush. The award-winning CND ProSeries pure kolinsky red sable round tapered brushes are artist-quality and ideal for sculpting masterpieces using Retention+ Liquid & Powder. They come in three sizes, #6, #8 and #10, and feature high quality, all-natural hair with great snap, fine flags at the tip for precision work and a nice belly that holds ample sculpting liquid for professional mix ratio control. The #6 size brush provides precision control with a high quality synthetic hair that’s also great for cleaning up intricate detail after art for a perfect finish.”
—Shelena Robinson, Team CND

Chrome powders are really hot, with the most recent launch being the ‘white chrome’ powder that can go over any color base for a sleek look. It allows any color to turn into a chrome nail, expanding our color range exponentially. We can create soft pink chrome nails, deep violet chrome nails and even neon green chrome nails. Chrome powders are an instant up-charge, and they’re super quick to do. A lot of nail techs were hesitant to use them because when they first came out because it took a little while to figure out how to keep them from chipping. Sealed properly, they can prevent chipping and wear.”
—Lauren Wireman, Creator of Wildflowers Nail Academy

“Thorough callus care can fatigue the hands and disposable foot pumices can get expensive. The new OPI ProSpa Foot File with Disposable Grit Strips is the perfect solution because it’s lightweight and less wasteful. The foot file can be disinfected and the grit strips can be easily replaced. Over time, it proves to be more cost effective.”
—Darlene Sritapan, Licensed Nail Tech and OPI Educator.

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