Top Nail Trends in 2016

Raised in a family of nail techs, Bryan Vu joined the Gelish team in 2012 and is a master educator and rising star in the nail competition world. With 23,000 followers on Instagram (@bryan_nailed_it), Vu has gained recognition for his signature pink and white acrylics—but his skills also include 3D design, gel design and lacquer nail art. “2015 was exciting with lots of vibrant colors that inspired lots of different abstract pattern nail art with vibrant base colors as well,” says Vu. “But as we move forward in the new year, upcoming nail trends we can expect are edgy yet sophisticated designs.” Below, Vu shares his predictions for the top two nail trends of 2016.

1. Almond Shape  We will start to see the stiletto-and ballerina-shaped nails come back down to a shape known as the “Almond Shape” but still incorporating chic nail art.

2. Cut Glass Effect A certain nail art that we will start to see trending will be something called “The Cut Glass Effect”, which consists of cutting a thin, special hologram paper into geometric shapes and then applying it over a natural manicure or encased in any gel/acrylic enhancements.