The 2014 Golden Globe Awards: Star Stylists Share How-tos of Our Favorite Looks

A new year calls for some glamorous changes to wardrobes and hairstyles, and actresses at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards did not disappoint. From show-stopping designer gowns to flowing, gorgeous locks, the stars’ ensembles shined just as much as the coveted Golden Globe trophy on Sunday night. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles from the evening and tips on how to achieve these celebrity looks.  

Julianna Margulies paired her dramatic, black and gold Andrew Gn dress with a sleek chignon and a deep side part. A few wispy pieces fell effortlessly around her face, adding an elegant quality to her updo.


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Pureology Serious Colour Care offers a step-by-step to achieve the look:
Apply Pureology's Root Lift spray hair mousse at the roots and Pureology Nourishing Nectar sculpting gel throughout the hair for body and hold. Next, create a deep side part and brush the hair back into a smooth ponytail. Spray the ponytail with Pureology Strengthening Control hairspray and twist it into a messy bun. Complete the look by using pins to secure the bun.


Julia Roberts took a more classic approach to the chignon to counterbalance her unconventional Dolce & Gabanna shirt-dress. Her chignon featured extra volume on the top, creating a dressier look for the red carpet.

Pureology Serious Colour Care offers a step-by-step to achieve the look: 
Mist Pureology's Fortifying Heat Spray on dry hair for thermal protection prior to styling. Take 1.5-inch sections of hair and mist with Pureology Strengthening Control hairspray. Wrap each section around large hot rollers, directing all sections backwards. Once the hair has cooled, remove rollers and brush thoroughly with a soft bristle brush. Lightly backcomb the crown area for extra volume, then smooth with a soft brush to polish hair. Tie the hair into a low ponytail and twist it inward. Secure the twist with pins and allow fringe to naturally fall forward around the face. Define pieces with the Pureology Cuticle Polisher and top it off with a mist of Pureology Radiance Amplifier anti frizz spray for amazing shine.


Sandra Bullock showed us how to work a color-blocked dress in her gorgeous Prabal Gurung gown last night.She also rocked a deep side part but instead of going for an updo, her locks were tied into a loose side ponytail for a more relaxed look.

Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, offers the step-by-step to achieve the look:
First, apply Pureology Root Lift at the roots and apply Pureology Nourishing Nectar throughout for volume and hold. Blow-dry the hair with a large round brush to make the hair look sleek and smooth. Create side part and brush hair smooth into a ponytail. Spray the ponytail, twist it into a bun, and pin it in place for 10 minutes before removing the pins. Apply a shine product like Pureology Radiance Amplifier onto your hands and smooth over front and sides. Finally, rake your hands through the ponytail and finish with hairspray.


Oribe created Jessica Chastain’s voluptuous, yet slicked back, waves to coincide with her stunning strapless black Givenchy gown. "Jessica wanted her hair off her face and wavy," Oribe said of the classic and gorgeous style, noting that her hair complemented her gown and vintage Bvlgari necklace perfectly.

Using Oribe Hair Care products, Oribe offers the step-by-step to achieve the look:
Blow-dry hair with Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse for texture and movement, and then use Thick Dry Finishing Spray for added fullness. Once hair is dry, apply Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray and curl sections of hair with a 2-inch iron for soft waves that will last throughout the night. Use Dry Texturizing Spray at the roots and slightly tease the hair at the crown and around the face to create a nice shape that will also keep hair away from the face. Set the finished style with Impermèable Anti-Humidity Spray for flexible hold and humidity protection. 


Elisabeth Moss vamped up her edge in a sleek, sequined J. Mendel dress and matched her gown with an even edgier bob. Celebrity stylist Alex Polillo used Wella Professionals to create this tousled, yet polished style that looked simply perfect with the rest of her outfit.

Using Wella Professionals products, Polillo offers the step-by-step to achieve the look:
Starting with clean, towel dried hair, apply a generous amount of Extra Volume Mousse to the roots and comb through the ends. With a flat brush, rough dry the hair in an upward motion to give lift at the root. Using a flat iron add a little wave to the front section using a wide 'S' motion. For long lasting style, give hair an even coat of Stay Firm Finishing Spray and separate the ends with Texture Touch reworkable clay. Finalize with a mist of Stay Firm Finishing Spray.


Allison Williams’ black and white Alexander McQueen gown inspired celebrity stylist Anthony Campell to create her simple and clean hairstyle using Wella Professionals products.

Campell offers the step-by-step to achieve the look:
First, wash and condition the hair with Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner. After gently towel drying hair, apply a dollop of Velvet Amplifier to prep hair for a controlled look. On a low setting, blow-dry the hair using a large flat brush to achieve pin straight hair. Once strands are dry, create a deep side parting for added elegance. Run a flat iron over hair, section by section, finishing off each piece with a light spray of Stay Essential Finishing Spray and leave to cool. Add a few drops of Oil Reflections for a finishing touch, which will increase shine to hair for an added pop without weighing hair down.



Julie Bowen’s colorful two-toned Carolina Herrera dress took a modern take on vintage style, much like her polished updo, created by hairstylist Jill Crosby.

Crosby offers a step-by-step in achieving the look: 
Apply a dry mousse to the hair and blow-dry using the T3 Evolution LongLife Dryer with T3 Diffuser. As you dry, use your hands to scrunch hair throughout to create more volume and texture. Once dry, create a middle part and place pin curls on the front edge of the hairline. While curls cool, use the T3 SinglePass Whirl Styling Wand on remaining hair to create texture by using both the tapered and wide ends of the wand to obtain small and large curls throughout. Apply a  tacky pomade to create padding for the updo. Starting at the nape of the neck, roll hair into a loose “sausage-like” shape while loosely pinning. Continue this process working from one side to the other. Drop the front pin curls and rub hands together on the hair to loosen and roughen them up. Break the curls piece-by-piece, integrating into the roll without using brushes or combs.  


Tatiana Maslany may be a first timer at the Golden Globe Awards this year, but her stylish outfit made her fit right in with other A-listers at the event. She donned a chic silver dress with dark lipstick and an amazing modern faux-bob styled by Rod Ortega.

Ortega offers a step-by-step in achieving the look:
To create full waves, begin by blow-drying with the T3 Evolution LongLife Dryer, using the T3 Anti-Gravity 2.5” Barrel Brush to smooth out the hair while maintaining body and texture. Divide hair into three sections and begin curling with the T3 SinglePass 1.25” Twirl Curling Iron in ½ inch sections. Once complete, spritz the hair with fine hair spray and let the curls cool. Brush out curls with a T3 Freeflow Vent Brush to create waves. Finally, take each section, tease, roll and tuck into a faux bob shape and secure with pins.


The Golden Globe Awards wouldn’t be complete without golden gals like Namoi Watts, Kaley Cuocco, Margot Robbie and Hayden Panettiere whose blonde locks looked radiant throughout the night. Celebrity Stylist and Schwarzkopf Professional Blonding Ambassador Kim Vō awarded "Best Blonde" at the Golden Globes to Margot Robbie for side part stunner. Kim has a few tips on how to achieve and maintain award winning blonde hair like these stars.

Vō recommends washing with Blondme Blonde Brilliance Shampoo to improve clarity and perfect tone maintenance, conditioning with Blondme Blonde Brilliance Conditioner to strengthen, smooth and detangle and a daily dose of Blondme Magnifying Spray for south-after shine. Vō also suggests clients apply Blondme Blonde Brilliance Intense Treatment once a week to infuse hair with moisture and improve its elasticity, surface and internal structure. 

— Sarah Sin