52 Top-Tier Stylists To Become New Redken Artists

Redken is proud to announce that after four days of rigorous training and workshops held in Tampa, Florida, 52 hairstylists from 23 different states have completed Phase One of the Redken Artist Induction and are on their way to becoming the newest members of the Redken Artist Network!

The 52 new Redken Artist Inductees are recognized for their individual talent, enthusiasm, and growth potential along with their success as a stylist behind the chair in their own salon business. Upon graduating on April 2, the Inductees will join an exclusive team of 350 Redken Artists in the United States who all support a common goal of gaining commitment from salons and growing their skills and businesses through Redken Education, focusing on business, design and color, training, personal development and wealth building.

The candidates chosen to be part of the 2016 Redken Artist Induction completed a rigorous interview process, including a pre-screening phase, prior to completing Phase One of the Induction Training in January. The pre-screening phase included audition packets, videos, multiple interviews, and technical and business skill assessments by the Redken Directors of Field Education. The recruitment process for Redken Artist Induction 2017 will begin in August 2016 with an anticipated 50 new Inductees.

For more information and an image of the Inductees, please see attached. We also invite you to view Redken’s “Smiling Faces” video featuring footage of the Inductees captured during the Phase One Training. 

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