7th Annual Beauty Changes Live Experience Moves to New Location

7th Annual Beauty Changes Lives Experience Moves to The Geraghty

The Beauty Changes Lives Experience is moving to a new venue in 2019. The Geraghty will be the site of the 7th annual Beauty Changes Lives Experience and Legacy Award Dinner honoring the late Paul Mitchell. As the signature fundraiser held during America’s Beauty Show, the Beauty Changes Lives Experience unites brands, salons, hairstylists and influencers to pay their success forward and support the next generation of beauty professionals. The event will be held Sunday, March 31, 2019.

Renowned for its sophisticated and fashion forward design, The Gerahgty is home to some of Chicago’s most exclusive events. Organizers selected the venue for its expansive floor plan, soaring ceilings, and energetic ambiance well suited to an event celebrating the future.  In addition to providing a unique environment, The Gerahgty also offers extended hours allowing the celebration to continue well into the night. “Attendees at last year’s event told us they didn’t want the party to stop,” said Lynelle Lynch, president of the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation. “The expanded timeline will allow us to extend the evening and celebrate until midnight.” 

Design influencers describe The Geraghty as an ideal venue for blending fashion, philanthropy and fundraising.  “Kehoe Designs and The Geraghty admire the work that Beauty Changes Lives does for aspiring professionals, and we are thrilled to welcome them to our venue for the first time,” said Tom Kehoe, president, Kehoe Designs. “With sophisticated finishes and contemporary design, The Geraghty is the perfect space for a fashion-forward evening of philanthropy.”   


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Tickets for the Beauty Changes Lives Experience and the Legacy Award Dinner honoring Paul Mitchell will go on sale at www.beautychangeslives.org this fall. Since its founding in 2013, the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation has raised more than 5 million to support NextGen talent.  

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