A Fine Pair

The Elegance Evolution collection by Australia’s Bill Tsiknaris showcases how the combination of soft and bold can be a perfect match.

Inspired by the feminine and baroque tones seen on the fashion runways at Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Givenchy, the Elegance Evolution collection by 2013 Australian Hair Fashion Award Queensland Hairdresser of the Year Bill Tsiknaris for Tsiknaris Hair fuses bold haircuts with whispers of color, and statement colors with soft style. He and his brother, colorist Chris Tsiknaris, created the fierce yet elegant hair looks seen on these pages, which are paired with statement jewelry and delicate textiles, such as black and gold lace and chiffon, to exude a sense of wealth and sophistication. —Nicole Altavilla

Photography: Glen Krohn; Makeup: Gemma Elaine; Fashion Styling: Sarah Birchley


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IMAGE ABOVE: Bill Tsiknaris cut the hair close to the scalp at the nape and sides using finger-length graduation, leaving some length on top. He twisted square sections and radial cut from mid-lengths to ends to give erratic length and texture. He then prepped hair with Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Mousse and Bamboo Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist before power-drying. Tsiknaris used curling tongs in small and large rod sizes, with the smaller rod giving the support and the larger rod keeping ends open and extended in length.

IMAGE ABOVE: After prepping the hair with Caviar Anti-Aging Mousse, Tsiknaris power-dried hair from roots to ends, creating volume and thick texture. He used a crimper from roots to mid-lengths, leaving ends out to achieve a modern spin on the ’70s crimp. He then braided the long hair and let shorter strands on the top fall around the face.

IMAGE ABOVE: Tsiknaris created this short style using a refraction cutting technique that allowed him to achieve length with the support of the graduation. For the color, Chris Tsiknaris applied a powder lightener followed by a pink shade. Once hair dried, the duo applied black to the roots and shimmied ends to create a softer fade-out despite extreme contrast.

IMAGE ABOVE: Bill Tsiknaris dry cut the hair using a point-cutting technique with the baseline. Once he cut the desired length and angle, he used an Alterna technique called Gravity Cut, which removed the weight at the baseline for invisible layers. Chris Tsiknaris took a panel just under the top layer and colored with two contrasting shades to give a dramatic effect when exposed, but it can be hidden if a more classic solid color is desired.

IMAGE ABOVE: For this traditional bob with movement and space within the interior, Chris Tsiknaris lightened strands to a cool platinum blonde. Once hair was dry, Bill Tsiknaris sectioned off 1 inch of hair around the base and cut the mid-lengths and ends. Next, he used a point-cutting technique to dry-cut the perimeter for chunky but soft texture. He cut the interior using an Alterna hinge-cutting technique, which allows shorter layers and longer layers to blend for a seamless layering effect.