A Firsthand Look at the HydraFacial

I was a little worried at first about getting a facial just five days before my wedding, in case my sensitive skin experienced breakouts or redness. But after a little research, I learned that the HydraFacial is a very mild treatment designed to rejuvenate skin without irritation. So I made my way to Purely Natural Medical Spa in Brooklyn, where I learned all about my skin needs and how this treatment works.

With the technology at the spa, I got a firsthand look at how my pores, moisture levels, wrinkles and UV spots stack up--and I was pleased to know my skin is several years younger than my actual age! Yippee! As expected (my skin is visibly dry), my moisture levels are far below what they should be, so the HydraFacial was just what I needed to prepare my skin for my wedding day.

The HydraFacial process has several steps, all of which felt super gentle: cleansing and exfolation, acid peel, extractions and hydration. The exfoliation step removes dead skin cells; the acid peel helps loosen dirt and debris from pores without irritation; the extractions use vortex suction to clean out pores (which didn't hurt at all!); and the hydration step uses antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid to nourish and protect skin. At the end of the treatment, my skin felt soft, smooth and blemish-free--and definitely had an extra glow at my wedding later that week!


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