Affinage Salon Professional Reports Company Growth Over Last Two Years

Affinage Salon Professional North American Division recently reported that the company has seen growth of more than 26 percent over the last two years.

President Michael Ifergan says although its strong customer base has maintained Affinage Salon Professional’s profits, he attributes the company’s rising success to many other factors.

“Overall, we’re lucky to be in this position considering the economy isn’t in the best shape,” Ifergan said. “A combination of new products; expanding distribution channels across the U.S., Canada and Mexico; and a strong educational platform have put us in the favorable position where we’ve seen profit for the past two years.”

New products such as the Kitoko treatment line, as well as the new shades introduced in Infiniti, an additional nine distributors and a new warehouse facility, which created new jobs, all have contributed to Affinage Salon Professional's prosperity. —Aja Edwards