Almost Famous: An Evening of Insight with Robert Lobetta

Stylists and salon owners received the star treatment Sunday night when they stopped by the Wella Studio Los Angeles for an intimate evening with industry icon Robert Lobetta. Welcomed by a luxurious red carpet, guests were snapped striking poses by a celebrity style photographer before they entered the salon, whose walls were adorned with Lobetta’s photography. Inside, the energy was electrifying, the room brimming with excitement as local artists and salon owners, many of whom had worked closely with Lobetta and others who admired his work, eagerly waited to meet the man.

As expected, “Almost Famous” lived up to the anticipation, becoming an evening of truly inspirational storytelling. Sharing his attempts, failures and achievements, Lobetta opened up his mind and thoughts to the audience, making himself vulnerable in the comfortable space of the salon. “Staying true to your identity will help unlock the door to your creative future,” advised Lobetta.

A self-professed "aspiring hairdresser,” Lobetta is not simply a beauty industry icon and accomplished photographer, but a former global creative director of Sebastian and a recipient of the NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award. Urging young artists and established hairdressers to believe in themselves and do something extraordinary, Lobetta made all the Wella guests that night feel one-of-a-kind. His insights into his creative process were not limited to speech, but complete with 4 outfit changes, 3 behind the scenes videos and no less than 2 montages of his life’s work from various stages of his career.


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As the night wound down—well over an hour after the event ended—a few lucky pop-quiz winners received prints of Lobetta’s famed photography stills, and all who attended had the opportunity to take pictures with Lobetta and introduce themselves.

In the end, the underlying message of “Almost Famous” was clear: establish your true identity and find your own unique style. 

Look for details about Robert’s next visit to the World Studio NYC at its new location!  To see pics from the event please visit Wella Education on Facebook. Register @ for Studio Classes.

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