Applause, Applause

When we redesigned American Salon in January, we had no idea how you'd respond, but, to paraphrase Sally Field, "You like us, you really like us." One reader wrote in to say that when her husband saw her copy of the magazine, he remarked, "Imagine that, a beautiful, smiling girl who's not half naked on the cover of a hairdressing magazine!" Another stylist from Moultrie, GA, wrote, "I just received my January issue of American Salon and wanted to tell you all BRAVO!!!!! It's great. I love the changes and all the great articles. It took me two days to read the entire magazine."

Marianne Dougherty
Marianne Dougherty

Arnold Zegarelli—you can see him at IBS New York this month—sent a card. "The new American Salon is awesome," he wrote. "It's the most complete, helpful, inspirational collection of ideas I have seen in my 50 years as a professional."

We heard from lots of our advertisers, too. Shae Kalyani, vice president, integrated communications, Redken, had this to say: "My list of must-read sections is huge, from Let's Do Lunch to Notebook. It's a cover-to-cover read. Congratulations to you and your team." Dr. Cornelia Wittke, CEO of Tweezerman International, wrote to tell us, "I just read the January issue of American Salon and I love the face-lift you gave it. It's much more fun to read now." We also heard from Nanette Bercu, senior vice president, creative director, advertising, public relations at John Paul Mitchell Systems. "I'm thrilled, amazed, impressed and just plain excited about the American Salon redesign. You have shown the industry that there is a new level of quality when it comes to print journalism," she wrote. "The new logo and cover are beautiful, and the sections are easy to navigate. I applaud you for a job well done."

Patrick O'Keefe, director of communications, Joico/ISO, got right to the point. "I love it," he wrote. "The magazine looks frickin' awesome!" Thank you all for your support. I promise we'll keep raising the bar. —Marianne Dougherty, editor in chief, [email protected]