The Art of Business

An entrepreneur can be described as a person who is willing to take on a venture or enterprise and accept full responsibility for the outcome. As stylists, we are in a unique industry where we have the control to determine what direction to take our careers. We need to think of ourselves as entrepreneurs. If we are willing to take responsibility there are no limits. This is what drew me to the industry—no one could block my drive or my success. My primary goal was to be the best stylist that I was capable of being. It really wasn't about which salon I worked for or with whom I worked. My success was predicated on my ability to bring the client in, bring the client back and create raving fans. The harder I worked, the more my income increased. I was in control of my destiny.

Philip Pelusi
Philip Pelusi

It's not enough to want be a successful entrepreneur; you have to know how to achieve your version of success. We are all blessed with great potential. There are common denominators, however, that determine success. Realize that you are your brand. Every word and gesture, as well as nonverbal communication, which is 90 percent of what we communicate, broadcasts, like giant neon, your message to your clients. Work in a salon with a good reputation and the rest is up to you. Be prepared to work harder than you ever did. It's our attitude, our mind-set, that determines the true entrepreneurial spirit. —Philip Pelusi is a salon owner and product manufacturer.


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