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The Guest Services Concierge


The Guest Services Concierge System is a platinum-level perspective on how to attract new guests, retain current guests and create raving fans by learning how to bridge the activities of the front desk with the activities in the salon. Unlike a "receptionist," who answers phones, books appointments and acts as cashier, a "concierge" attends to guest's needs, is a problem-solver, operates as the facilitator for staff, offers services, and is an efficiency expert. The concierge sets the tone for the rest of the visit. They should be looking their best, coming out from behind the desk, and projecting a warm, informative, professional attitude rather than talking on the phone, chewing gum and looking like last night's date.

Philip Pelusi
Philip Pelusi

The Guest Services Concierge System is a professional discipline that must be practiced every day, not just when the mood strikes or when things aren't too busy. It's not just confined to the front desk but is an organic atmosphere that pervades the entire salon and spa. Though the guest's experience begins at the front desk, it ends with your bottom line. The Guest Services Concierge System provides practical hands-on techniques for each member of the team so you can create a superior level of guest expectation and then exceed it. For more information, call 412/488-8951, extension 218, or e-mail [email protected]. —Philip Pelusi is a salon owner and product manufacturer.