Attention Indiana Professionals: New Legislation Threatens State Licensing

Indiana State Senator Randy Head (Rep - District 18) introduced Senate Bill 520 (SB520) this morning, January 15, 2013. An initiative of the new Indiana Governor Mike PenceIf, SB520 would create a committee to review professional licensing, including cosmetology licensing. The main concern with this legislation is the way it is written, which would require the Indiana General Assembly to take action in 2014 to maintain occupational licenses included in the review. Without action, the licenses under review, including all cosmetology licenses in that state, would be terminated.

Bill Summary

SB520 creates the "Eliminate, Reduce, and Streamline Employee Regulation (ERASER) Committee" to study professional licensing in Indiana; Provides that the office of Management and Budget staffs the committee; Repeals the "Regulated Occupations Evaluation Committee"; And, creates a five-year cycle for sun-setting professional licenses, registrations, and certifications. SB520 has been referred to the Committee on Commerce and Economic Development and Technology. Read the full bill here.

Taking Action

PBA Government Affairs Coordinator Bridget Sharpe was in Indiana January 15 for the Indiana Cosmetology and Barbering Association (ICBA) meeting. PBA will be assisting ICBA with grassroots efforts. In addition, ICBA is working with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA) in an effort streamline current cosemetology regulations. ICBA is monitoring the progress of SB520 and will alert the industry when the House version of the bill is introduced, which is expected to happen within the next few days. PBA will maintain contact with ICBA to update members on the status of this bill.

If you have any questions regarding SB520, please contact  [email protected]. To voice your concerns to Sen. Head personally, please email [email protected] or call his office at 317.232.9400 (800.382.9467).

About PBA Government Advocacy

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) advocates for the rights of every member and is dedicated to tracking, introducing and responding to legislation at both the state and federal levels with potential to affect the beauty industry. Along with our Government Advocacy program, PBA provides our members with Education, Signature Events, Charitable Outreach, Research and Business Resources. Visit for more information.


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