Backstage with Kryolan at Miss Universe 2009

Kryolan artists backstage at Miss Universe 2009
Kryolan artists backstage at Miss Universe 2009

Kryolan artists backstage at Miss Universe 2009

As I blogged about a few weeks back, Kryolan was the official cosmetics sponsor of the 58th-annual Miss Universe pageant, which was held last night. Although Miss Venezuela took home the crown, the makeup artists from Kryolan made sure that each contestant looked like a winner. Here are some notes from the backstage team on how they got the woman ready for the cameras and the catwalk:

  • "The look designed for the pageant was simple, clean and based on natural tones of taupe and warm brown while  blending in deeper browns, charcoals and hints of black for projection. High Definition always requires the blending of colors with graduations from light to dark. This process is the best way to  apply color. It takes a few minutes longer to apply, but the end  results are timeless."
  • "Because it was being shot in HD, one  of the key elements was the prep work.  It was important to make  sure that the contestant's face was properly cleansed and moisturized (face, eyes, etc.). We followed with an application of Kryolan Ultra Under  Base to ensure an even skin surface and flawless finish. The variety  of foundations used was based on the contestant's skin type. The  foundations used were the HD crème, HD fluid or HD smoothing fluid. We then worked on the eye area using the HD Micro Shade (crème  shadows) in graduations from light to dark, followed by our cream blusher  (SF3, Redwood or Dahlia) and then carefully powdered the entire face."
  • "Some of the contestants required false lashes. We used TV1  lashes for contestants that needed a little more depth and TV5 lashes  contestants with little or no lashes."
  • "Next we defined the lips,  based on the contestant's skin tone, with natural lip pencil colors (#125,  #123) along with our LG palette."
  • "The final step was to apply our  blusher to enhance the face with a healthy glow and tie all the elements  together for the pageant."