Backstory: Kadus Professional

Internationally beloved Kadus Professional make its stateside debut courtesy of Wella. Senior Editor Maureen Sheen spokt with Wella North American Creative Director Carole Protat to get the scoop on this engaging brand. 

Q: How is Kadus Professional different from other brands?

With Kadus, you have a real partner–one that's committed to helping your business thrive. We’re targeting entrepreneurial, independent stylists who are eager to grow their salon business. Because these individuals typically rent a station or a suite, they generally lack the inventory space and access to the educational resources necessary for taking their business to the next level. They’re juggling multiple roles and searching for ways to make their life easier. That’s where Kadus Professional North America comes in. We help hairdressers work smarter, not harder by providing a streamlined range of color and care products that are intuitive, reliable, and at a price-point that makes sense for growing business. Prices range between $5 and $15. 

Q: What makes Kadus Professional's color technology special? 

Our formulas feature Vita ection Microsphere, an innovative technology that deeply penetrates the hair follicle and delivers even, consistent color results regardless of hair’s condition. Our extra rich crème sends 500 trillion microspheres to each hair follicle. And, since each microsphere is 1000 times smaller than a hair ber, it gets deep into the follicle, locking with another microsphere for long-lasting color. The result: Permanent hair color with up to 100-percent gray coverage and demi-permanent color with up to 50-percent gray coverage that lasts up to 24 washes. Plus, moisture- binding lipids leave locks smooth, soft, shiny and younger looking. 

Q: What is the product line like?

The Kadus portfolio consists of a color and care line.
Our permanent color includes 44 of the most popular shades while our demi-permanent color contains 22 shades. We also have a blonding powder. Our care line includes fi
ve regimen collections featuring Radialux Micro- Ion technology: Color Vibrancy, Visible Repair, Deep Moisture, Impressive Volume, and Velvet Oil. 

Q: What makes the brand's educational program unique?

We’ve built a dedicated Kadus app, which is the cornerstone of our educational program. It contains features that cater to the “always on” lifestyle of an independent stylist, empowering them with the tools that grow their business and expand their industry knowledge. We also provide regular trainings throughout the year with three levels of seminar mastery: Foundation, Advanced and Creative. Class descriptions and calendars for our studios in Los Angeles and New York City can be found on iTunes and Google Play.