Beauty Harvest

It's a classic Catch-22: Chemical processing and thermal styling beget beautiful hair, but over time, these processes can wreak havoc, leading to weak, lifeless and temperamental tresses. Aveda's new three-step Damage Remedy Restructuring System, which consists of a shampoo, conditioner and weekly intensive treatment, is formulated to protect and restore distressed hair to its top condition.

One of the system's most unique ingredients comes from organic babassu nuts. While babassu is available around the world, Aveda uses only nuts that are harvested in Brazil's MaranhE3o region by women known as "nut-breakers." Recognizing the significance of the ingredient itself and the sustainability of the time-honored craft, Aveda partnered with the traditional MaranhE3o communities in 1996. Since then the company has helped finance the construction of a babassu processing facility, a soap-making facility and a paper press, allowing the MaranhE3o women to earn a living in a way that is compatible with their traditional way of life. "It's a win-win," says Pat Peterson, executive director of R&D at Aveda. "The more we use babassu from the MaranhE3o region, the more the people there benefit."

Currently, straight babassu nut oil is found in Aveda's color conditioners and cosmetics. The Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo contains a babassu-derived surfectant that produces a rich, luxurious lather, while the Intensive Restructuring Treatment is made with an ultra-moisturizing agent formulated from the oil. "In developing the line, we worked with stylists to make sure that we were delivering a product that was unique and effective," says Peterson. "Otherwise, it's just another shampoo. The babassu nut plays a big part in taking the products to a new level."

Aveda continues to research new uses for babassu, and even plans to use straight babassu oil in future product extensions within the Damage Remedy line. "We are going everywhere with it," says Peterson. "In fact, I'd be hard-pressed to say where it's not going." For more information, visit, or call 800-328-0849.


Conventional wisdom says that if a client doesn't like her haircut, she's likely to take her business someplace else. The same is true for other salon services—waxing, for example. If a strip splits during a waxing service, that client will be out the door faster than you can say, "Ouch!" Here's a way to keep business coming back: New Easy Touch wax strips from Boyd Technologies, which are guaranteed not to split and can be used with any type of wax. "Our goal is to improve skin health," says company founder Steve Boyd. "Easy Touch strips will not stretch, so they won't traumatize the hair follicle as it gets pulled through the skin." An alternative to the usual muslin, these ultra-soft strips are made using the latest technology in engineered fabrics to produce a material for strength and wax cohesion. They come in convenient, easy-to-use packaging that helps keep the work area nice and neat. For more information, or to give them a try, call (800) 262-2242. Wax on!

Easy Touch wax strips come in a convenient, easy to use package that helps keep the work area neat.
Easy Touch wax strips come in a convenient, easy to use package that helps keep the work area neat.