Beauty Industry Group Adds Two Members to Board of Directors

Left to right: Michaeline DeJoria Heydari and John Golliher(Photos courtesy of BIG)

Beauty Industry Group (“BIG”), a leader in professionally-installed hair extensions and lash growth products, is proud to announce the addition of two outside members to its board of directors. Michaeline DeJoria Heydari, Vice Chairman at John Paul Mitchell Systems, and John Golliher, Former Chairman of Beauty Systems Group, have both accepted invitations to serve alongside the current board members and will use their industry expertise to help BIG extend its leadership position within the industry. 

Of the two new additions, Derrick Porter, CEO of BIG said “We are thrilled to have both Michaeline and John join us. They both bring world-class strategic and operational experience to BIG and have already proven invaluable through their early contributions to our growth.”

DeJoria Heydari grew up in the beauty industry alongside her father, John Paul DeJoria. “She is a gifted leader who also possesses a truly artistic perspective blended with a very good business mind, which is hard to find,” says Porter. “We needed her on the team to help us in our go-to-market strategy and to decipher between fads, trends, and products that are here to stay. She has done all that and more.”


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John has more than 30 years of experience in the full service beauty industry. He played an integral role at Beauty Systems Group, serving as its president for nine years. In addition to his business acumen and extensive knowledge of professional beauty, Porter mentioned that what made him most excited to work with Golliher was his “ability and willingness to shoot straight, to tell me what I can do to be a better CEO.” Porter went on to say, “it’s hard for me to imagine a more perfect mentor. I’ve learned more in the last several months from John than I had in the ten years prior.”

With the addition of DeJoria Heydari and Golliher, BIG is eager to accelerate its growth within the professional beauty industry.