Beauty Pros Can Get the First-Ever Degree in Beauty and Wellness

Beauty school has reached a new level: Now beauty professionals can enroll in a higher-education program and earn the first-ever Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Beauty and Wellness, as part of a partnership between ROLFS Global and L’Oréal. The first-of-its-kind higher-education program is in partnership with Mesa Community College (MCC)—students around the globe can now earn the AAS and then apply to Arizona State University (ASU) for a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree program in Health, Entrepreneurship and Innovation with an emphasis on personal care.

The program, which is currently available online and/or on campus, includes courses that will teach students skills in finance, marketing leadership, ethics, communication and evidence-based decision-making. It can be completed in an accelerated timeline over the course of two semesters. A cosmetologist will be awarded 30 credit hours towards his or her AAS degree at no cost. 

After earning the AAS, students can transfer 100 percent of the 60 AAS credit hours earned to a continued pathway at Arizona State University. The student will then fulfill an additional 60 credit hours, typically accomplished in four semesters, to earn a Bachelor of Applied Science.

ROLFS Global is currently working to scale this program nationally.