Become a Hero

Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Awareness Month. The statistics for both are startling and all too similar: One in three women will be diagnosed with cancer and/or will be sexually or physically abused in her lifetime. The National Cosmetology Association (NCA) co-sponsors two community service programs that rely on professional salon volunteers. By participating in the Look Good85Feel Better and Cut It Out programs, you can make a difference right where you live.

Look Good85Feel Better is a free, non-medical, brand-neutral, national public service program founded in 1989 by The American Cancer Society, the Cosmetic, Toiletries and Fragrance Association (CTFA) and the NCA. When a woman is undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatments for cancer, sometimes the hardest part can be dealing with the changes she sees in the mirror, such as hair loss or skin discoloration. Look Good. . .Feel Better offers salon professionals the opportunity to provide a support system for these women, who are already devoting so much of their strength to becoming cancer-free. By participating in group sessions, volunteer salon pros reach out to women in their communities to teach them everything from styling wigs to make-up application tips.

Because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, now is an excellent time to get involved and volunteer your services to this valuable program. For brochures to display in your salon or to find other ways to become a part of Look Good85Feel Better, visit the Web site at or call 800.395.LOOK.

October is also Domestic Abuse Awareness Month

Cut It Out, a program of the Salons Against Domestic Abuse Fund, is supported by the NCA, Clairol Professional and Southern Living At HOME. It is dedicated to mobilizing salon professionals and others to fight the epidemic of domestic abuse in communities across the United States.

Cut It Out helps raise awareness of domestic abuse by promoting the proper resources for victims or their friends and family. Salon owners hang posters and place materials in private areas such as restrooms or changing areas. Materials are free and the potential to help is invaluable. For salon pros looking to take involvement a step further, Cut It Out will train them in a salon-specific program to recognize warning signs and safely refer clients to local resources.

Another facet of Cut It Out, the Adopt-a-Shelter Program, encourages salons to donate basic supplies to a local women's shelter. The first step away from an abusive situation is undoubtedly the hardest, but there is a very long journey ahead for victims. From shampoo and other personal items to public transit passes and clothing, Adopt-a-Shelter is about getting abused women the basic tools they need to stand up for themselves and resume their lives in safety and promote a successful future.

To learn more about these programs visit the Web site at To receive FREE materials for display in your salon, call 800.383.0210.